Hours of Operation

Tues. - Sat. : 9am - 4pm

Area of Service

Sarasota, Florida

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Pet Grooming & Boutique

for Dogs & Cats


The Pooch Parlour

At the The Pooch Parlour we offer the highest quality, most professional grooming in a calm & stress-free environment. We are a full-service pet grooming salon. From little 3-lb Teacup Poodles and standard Poodles to Newfoundlands and Great Pyrenees, we groom all sizes and breeds of dogs. We offer loving, caring, and experienced grooming services for your companions. Each appointment receives a one-on-one personal consultation with the groomer.

In addition to first class grooming and quality food for your pet, The Pooch Parlour has everything you need to keep your pet happy and healthy. We even have accessories and great gift ideas for the people that love them.


Full Grooming

Full Grooms include Nail Trims/Dremel, Ears Cleaned, Paw Pad Shaves, Sanitary Trim & Anal Gland Expression. 


Baths include Sanitary trim

Nails & Ears. 


Á la Carte Services and Extras include Flea Baths, Creative Coloring, Pawdicure, Teeth Brushing, Nail Trims & more!